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Prestige Pipelaying JV LTD is a growing company within the Utilities Industy, based in the Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire area. We are keen to recruit skilled, positive and motivated Engineering Teams and Individuals, and we are also keen to hear from enthusiastic individuals looking to work within our business who can enhance our team.
We are particularly looking for those qualified for NCO(G) Main Layers/Teams, NCO(G) Service Layers/Teams and NCO1(G) Assistants. We look forwards to hearing from you - and welcome a current CV with your enquiry too. Please feel free to use the form below to express your interest.
Mains Replacement
Good communication and organisational skills are a must for this customer focused area of our business. A positive attitude and a willingness to meet customer and client expectations whilst working safely will be one of your greatest assets within this work. We replace Cast, Ductile, Steel, Spun Iron, Mains and Services as per design through Live and Dead Insertion Techniques ranging from 20mm up to 355mm Low and Medium Pressure.
Diversion & Reinforcement
A broad knowledge of Main Laying Techniques is essential for this area of our business. We Open Cut, HDD, Insert and Mole New Mains and Services to improve the Gas Network. The infrastructure we lay ranges in diameter from 32mm up to 355mm and includes Low, Medium and Intermediate Pressures. Connections can be varied using different techniques including Bagstop, Squeeze Off, UPT, Branch Saddle, Stopple and Valve Connections.
New Connections
This area of our business can be fast paced and is customer driven. A good attitude towards clients expectations and a willingness to get jobs done safely is essential. These projects can be varied and require a motivated team to complete works safely on time and within budget. Good communication and organisational skills are a must for this customer focused area of our business, alongside a positive attitude to meet customer and client expectations.
If you are interested in the vacancies that are currently on offer, please utilise the form below and we will provide further details.

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